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for your company

BIYU is now also available for businesses.

Which is a good thing, because with a BIYU membership you'll be scoring major points with your employees and clients. Make BIYU part of your fringe benefits, loyalty program or use BIYU as an additional service for your own company.

For your employees

As an employer you continuously work on engaging your team members. Important tools for this are attractive fringe benefits. More and more employees find it very important that the company they work for cares about sustainability. For the newest generation, Generation Z, it's even the most important reason to choose for an employer. Now you can easily stand out as a company. Make the BIYU membership part of your fringe benefits and show your current and future employees you're working on a clean future.

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For your clients

You are continuously in search of new ways to engage and retain clients. Besides this, you want to show that sustainability is important to your brand. A BIYU membership is the way to go. Because with BIYU your clients experience more convenience, create less waste, but more space in their home. Make BIYU part of your loyalty program and give a BIYU membership as a welcome present to new clients or as a business gift to current clients. A perfect present with which you highlight your sustainability ambition towards clients. We are also more than happy to come up with a tailored activation for your target audience.

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For your company

From spectacular smoke machines to powerhouse speakers for the best company events. And from carpet cleaners to vacuum-water cleaners for the day after. We've got you covered. Your company can have access to our 100+ products with which you will bring your weekly after-work parties to the next level. And which will make the next day clean-up a piece of cake :-) Also convenient: add 5 colleagues to your business account. So you won’t be the only one responsible for BIYU orders. And the organization and clean-up of company parties become teamwork as well.

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For your members

Are you looking for a relevant and striking welcome gift for new members or are you looking for a sustainable prize in your lottery, game or loyalty program? You can stop looking! Give a BIYU membership. A highly affordable prize or present, with which your members can tremendously reduce their CO2 footprint.

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