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Electric chipper | shredder

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Electric chipper | shredder

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Product information

Product information

  • The ideal machine to use if you want to befriend your neighbors - this machine is quiet because it is electric
  • The chipper or shredder can be folded into the shredding box, so it's easier to move
  • With integrated container to collect shredded material
  • Reduces the volume of the material (e.g. branches) by 75% on average
  • Compact and silent chipper | shredder for branches up to 40mm!

What to expect

Green waste takes up a lot of space in your garden and is usually more than you can fit in your compost bin. Usually a trip to the container park, a compost site or another collection place is needed. Does that problem seem all too familiar to you? This electric and therefore silent (kind to the neighbors) wood chipper | shredder turns mountains of green waste into tiny chippings!

The shredded material, or tiny chippings, have many advantages:

  • If you shred green waste with the shredder, it reduces the volume by up to 75%. As a result, it is not only much easier to dispose of, but also much easier to be processed
  • You can use the shredded material to cover the ground, as compost, and as fertilizer
  • The composted shredded material contains valuable nutrients and therefore saves you the costs of additional fertilizers

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Product specifications

Product type: GHE 140 L
Weight: 26.10kg
Size: 590 x 40 x 560mm

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Price for an hour€ 6.99
Price for 4 hours€ 17.40

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Makkelijk in gebruik en alles piekfijn geleverd.


5 days ago


It was not my first time hiring this. Easy to use and does the job.


5 days ago


Great product and great service! Easy online booking. Will use Biyu again in the future!


11 days ago

About the brand

STILH power. Not just for professionals.Are you going to prune and do you expect a lot of pruning waste that you have to do something with? Think of the STIHL shredder that we also rent out - it turns mountains of green waste into handy vegetable leftovers! Easier to dispose of, but you can also use it as compost or fertilizer!

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