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What is BIYU?

BIYU is a product membership platform available via your smartphone; that gives easy access to the highest quality equipment (home, work and play) for people to build a sustainable future together.

Try every category, try any product whenever you want to; for a low fixed price per month. No deposit required with easy cancellation.

There is always something new to discover with products being added every week.

What can I get with BIYU?

What Netlfix is for movies/series, BIYU is for products. BIYU has an extensive catalogue of products from saws to speakers, from ice-cream machines to high pressure cleaners: we've got you covered!

Get access to all you need whenever you need it.

How much is BIYU Access?

The BIYU Access membership is €10 per month. You can also sign-up for the 6 month bundle (get 15% discount) or the 1 year bundle (get 25% discount). Choose delivery & pick-up for a small additional fee.

Where can I get BIYU?

Get the BIYU app via the App store or Google Play. Take the ability to do more with you...everywhere!

How can I cancel BIYU?

We offer hassle-free options. You can cancel your per month membership anytime in the app or via email. There is no cancellation fee. You can start and stop at any time. Easy peasy.

For those who signed up for the 6 month or 1 year bundle, you can cancel after the bundle period has ended.

How many products can I rent monthly?

You can rent as often and as much as you like. You can choose from 100+ premium products. Each rental can be used for 24 hours. Need more time? No worries: you can extend the rental for an extra 12 hours for free. After that you pay €10 per additional 24 hours.

Can I rent more than one product at the same time?

Yes you can, but you pay an additional fee of €10 per 24 hours for the second product.

Become a member to get access to our products.

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