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Tilt head standmixer 4,8L

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Tilt head standmixer 4,8L

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Product information

Product information

  • 10 different speed settings that allow you to mix quick, thorough and exactly.
  • Versatile and easy to use: A single multipurpose attachment hub for a wide choice of optional attachments.
  • Deliverd with: 4.8L and 3.0L mixing bowls, 6-wire whip, flatbeater and flex edge beater, kneading hook, pouring shield.
  • Unique and professional design.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the tilting head.
  • Perfect for e.g.: beating eggs, making whipped cream and mayonaise, but also to make fresh pasta.

What to expect

With our multifunctional kitchen mixer from KitchenAid you can make delicious and super fresh dishes yourself. The smart kneading system mixes all ingredients perfectly and the powerful motor transfers the power directly to the attachments and accessories. Rent this kitchen mixer with bowl if you really want to put something special, healthy or surprising on the table.

Product specifications

Product type: 5KSM175PSEVB
Weight: 11.00kg
Size: 413 x 273 x 240mm

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Price for an hour€ 8.81
Price for 4 hours€ 10.82

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Use this product for

Material: Dough

Types of use: Mixing

Material: Pasta

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Schoon en netjes gekregen, top kwaliteit. Als nieuw. Ook op tijd gebracht en opgehaald door vriendelijke fietskoeriers. Kan het zeker aanraden


6 months ago

About the brand

KitchenAid logoSerious About FoodBesides great design, KitchenAid is also a star in quality. Discover your inner chef and surprise yourself and your guests at the table with your cooking skills!

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