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Vinyl and laminate cutter

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Vinyl and laminate cutter

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Use the adjustable cutting guides to cut floorboards of varying thicknesses.

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Product information

Product information

  • The professional cutter for vinyl and laminate
  • For almost all laminate types, including those with integrated footfall sound insulation, as well as click vinyl planks and self-adhesive vinyl tiles with a width of up to 465 mm
  • High-performance, laser-cut, coated blade and intelligent blade geometry for maximum precision
  • Offers maximum comfort for large-scale floor laying projects – with minimal noise and dust and no need for power

What to expect

The VLC 800 vinyl and laminate cutter is a versatile and powerful tool for all tradespeople and DIYers who frequently undertake extensive laminate and vinyl laying jobs. This all-rounder not only cuts all standard laminate boards up to 11 mm thick and 465 mm wide, but also the extremely popular floor boards made from exceptionally durable vinyl. It is suitable for all commercially available vinyl boards from 2 to maximum 11 mm thick. The VLC 800 easily cuts through boards made from 100% vinyl or those with a HDF base layer with footfall sound insulation. Simply narrow the cutting gap using the adjustable cutting bars to cut thin vinyl material of approx. 2 – 5 mm. Even self-adhesive vinyl can be processed with ease thanks to the specially coated blade. With minimal noise and dust and no need for power. The high-quality, laser-cut, smooth blade not only makes cutting laminate safer, but also guarantees you a precise, clean cutting edge. This is primarily due to the blade geometry that sets the angle between the blade and cutting gap to the most efficient ratio. The VLC 800 also features a holding down clamp on the cutting lever that presses the board securely against the integrated serrated cutter bars and prevents the board slipping or jamming on the blade. This is very helpful, especially with free angular cuts from 0° to 180° without a stop or with continuous longitudinal cuts. On the side of the aluminium profile, there is a stop for cutting strips of vinyl to a width of 55 mm for insertion into special skirting boards. This provides a quick way of producing baseboards to match the floor covering.

  • Laminate thickness, max. 11mm
  • Vinyl thickness, max. 6mm
  • Cutting width, max. 465mm
  • Back square 90 degrees
  • Product weight 3,5kg

More product information

Product specifications

Product type: VLC 800
Weight: 3.50kg
Size: 211 x 197 x 661mm

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Material: Floors

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Ik heb de stoelen gehuurd. Ideaal! Netjes bezorgd en netjes weer opgehaald. Zeer vriendelijke bezorgers ook.


1 day ago


Awesome product with easy guidelines. The customer service was also on point, thank you Lionel for your flexibility and great service. Will definitely be back!


1 day ago


Top ding! Super makkelijk in elkaar en heel krachtig. Aardige service bij brengen en halen. Super bedankt!


6 days ago

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