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With BIYU you know exactly that you can expect. There is no deposit or hidden payments. Our memberships are easy to cancel. You got access to top quality products for as long as you need them.

BIYU ACCESS 12 months bundle (25% discount)

€7.50 p.m.

This membership is only for the real game changer. The longer the duration, the more you contribute to a cleaner planet. All that for a very low price.

BIYU ACCESS 6 months bundle (15% discount) - * Most popular

€8.50 p.m.

Perfect for all doers who are always up for a new experience or project.

BIYU ACCESS month on month

€10 p.m.

Perfect if you want to be flexible and have access to our 100+ products whenever it suits you.

BIYU Business

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BIYU is now also available for businesses. Which is a good thing, because with a BIYU membership you'll be scoring major points with your employees and clients. Make BIYU part of your fringe benefits, loyalty program or use BIYU as an additional service for your own company.

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