Cordless oscillator

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Cordless oscillator

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The oscillator (or multitool) is the perfect tool for when nothing else will quite cut it. Perfect for cutting back skirting boards and architrave, removing tongue and groove floorboards or other hard to reach cuts.

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Product information

Product information

  • Time-saving thanks to quick clamping system with StarlockMax tool holder.
  • Can make precisely guided plunge cuts.
  • Work dust-free by renting it together with the construction vacuum cleaner from Festool!
  • Optimal working comfort thanks to vibration and sound damping.
  • Fast thanks to the brushless EC-TEC motor with stepless speed adjustment.
  • Highly mobile thanks to 18V Li-HighPower Compact battery pack.
  • Precise cuts on a defined line.

What to expect

Our Festool battery oscillating machine is one of the highest quality. Equipped with StarlockMax which guarantees a tool-free and fast tool change. A brushless EC-TEC motor with vibration decoupling for maximum and comfortable work progress. Due to the anti-vibration system, the housing and motor are completely disconnected. Wireless, so you have complete freedom of movement thanks to the 18V Li-HighPower Compact battery pack. Furthermore, this machine can make dust-free and precisely guided plunge cuts, even when working overhead, thanks to the well-thought-out optional system accessory. The combination with the well thought-out attachment and extraction accessories makes this oscillating machine an intelligent system solution for the highest demands in terms of performance, comfort and precision.

Use for:

  • Notches, cutouts and plunge cuts in composites, GRP, plasterboard, NE metals, plastics and wood; also plastic-coated and lacquered wood.
  • Cut skirting boards, beams and profiles to fit; shortening frames and pipes.
  • For removing filler, tile adhesive, old paint layers, adhesive residue, silicone, floor coverings and subfloor layers.
  • Cutting marble joints, epoxy resin joints, trass joints, hard epoxy, cement joints and window sealant.

Product specifications

Product type: VECTURO OSC 18 HPC 4,0 EI-Set
Weight: 1.80kg
Size: 0 x 0 x 0mm

Download manual (PDF)
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Price for an hour€ 8.81
Price for 4 hours€ 13.52

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6 accessories included

Festool HighPower battery pack

Festool rapid charger

Dust extraction device OSC-AV

Festool positioning aid

Festool depth stop

Festool wood saw blade (HSB 100/Bi/OSC)

Use this product for

Material: Wood

Material: Composites

Material: Cast

Material: Plastic

Material: NE-metalics

Types of use: Remove adhesive residue

Types of use: Remove tile adhesive

Types of use: Remove putty

Types of use: Remove silicone

Types of use: Carpet removal

Types of use: Remove subfloor layers

Types of use: Cutting marble joints

Types of use: Cutting epoxy resin joints

Types of use: Cutting out traverse joints

Types of use: Cutting cement joints

Types of use: Cutting hard epoxy

Material: Glue

Material: Lacerations

Material: Glue residue

Material: Silicone

Material: Epoxy

Material: Epoxy resin

Material: Cement

Material: (Window)kit

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All new and in perfect condition


10 months ago


De producten waren van hoge kwaliteit, makkelijk te gebruiken, en netjes, schoon bezorgd.


10 months ago

About the brand

Perfect tot in detail.Wanna work dust-free with Festool miter saws or sanders? You can! BIYU also rents out Festool dust extractors that you can easily connect to the various Festool tools!

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