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Steam cleaner | Wallpaper stripper

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Rent a Kärcher from BIYU for thorough cleaning!

Steam cleaner | Wallpaper stripper

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This versatile steam cleaner can be used for various steam tasks, such as effortlessly removing wallpaper!

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Product information

Product information

  • Heating power: 2300W.
  • Tank capacity: 4l.
  • Cable length: 7.5m.
  • Steam pressure: 4bar.
  • Boiler temperature: 145°C (max.).
  • Incl. 2 floor nozzles, storage compartment, cable hook and tube holder.

What to expect

You can use this steam cleaner for all kinds of steam jobs, including as a wallpaper steamer for example. This compact wallpaper steamer with a steam pressure of 4 bar and VapoHydro function cleans excellently and even has certified disinfection without chemicals. Furthermore, the device is equipped with an integrated temperature display. The stepless steam volume control ensures that the steam saturation can be perfectly adapted to a specific cleaning task. The 2-tank system heats up quickly, can be permanently filled and allows long-term non-stop work.

The comprehensive equipment package includes:

  • 2 floor nozzles; for abrasive and hygienic cleaning
  • An integrated storage compartment for accessories
  • An integrated cable hook
  • A holder for tubes

Because you are not going to steam wallpaper every week, it is not so smart to buy one. It's smart to rent it. That way you don't have high purchase costs. And it saves space in the house. Because where do you put such a device!? So; rent this wallpaper steamer from us.

Product specifications

Product type: SG 4/4
Weight: 11.20kg
Size: 275 x 320 x 475mm

Download manual (PDF)
Rental periodPrice
Price for an hour€ 8.80
Price for 4 hours€ 21.62

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7 accessories included

Steam hose replacement 2.5m

Hand tool for SC-range

Funnel with integrated sieve

Floor nozzle with bristles SG 4/4

Floor tool SG 4/4

Wallpaper stripper

Detail nozzle

Use this product for

Types of use: Steam cleaning

Types of use: Steaming

Types of use: Disinfect

Material: Floors

Types of use: Kitchen

Types of use: Sauna

Material: Wood

Material: Plastic

Material: Natural stone

Material: Steel

Material: RVS

Material: Smooth surfaces

Types of use: Wallpaper stripping

Material: Wallpaper

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3 months ago


Product werkte goed! Service was geweldig!!


5 months ago


Het is fantastisch apparaat. Ondanks dat het halverwege het niet meer deed. BIYU gaf een goede oplossing en service. Het is een professioneel apparaat die echt goed schoonmaakt


6 months ago

About the brand

Rent a Kärcher from BIYU for thorough cleaning!Bring back the wow!Had a party and red wine all over your sofa or your carpet? Don't worry, at BIYU you can rent the professional Kärcher carpet cleaners to remove the stains and deep clean your carpet and sofa. Use the Puzzi 8 for smaller surfaces, and the Puzzi 10 for slightly larger surfaces. Need extra cleaning tablets? Order them through BIYU customer service and we will include them with the delivery. Easy right?

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