Sustainability is
our business

Letting people live their best lives with the lowest possible impact on nature.

Moving to temporary ownership.

Through temporary ownership, we eliminate the need to buy products.

DIY, party, gardening, moving, and cleaning products are only with you when you need them.

And when the products are at the end of their life-cycle they will be recycled.

This is how we build a circular future where nothing goes to waste. Every day of the week, without hassle.

Do More. Own less.

The best products from the best brands for the best results

We don't just rent out products. Our products are of top-notch quality, which also makes them last longer. Does a product break down? We repair it. If it really is at the end of its life, we recycle it responsibly.

CO2 neutral at your doorstep

We deliver all our products by cargo-bike. Of course, you can also pass by our Hub! Tip, use a cargo-bike, shared transport, or walk! Step by step, on our way to a better future.

Working, together

Everyone on our team is driven to work towards a circular future. We take responsibility of our planet and eachother with care and respect. This is how we truly work together for a circular future.

Good for the planet, good for you

Everything you sometimes need, always available. That without having to buy, maintain or store anything! Start a DIY project, host a legendary party or clean up with our premium products. Project completed? Return them, or have it picked up. We make sure the products are ready for the next one.

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How we build a circular future
The facts so far
  • As many as
    Products were used instead of bought
  • Supported by
    Members who are choosing using over owning
  • And delivered
    Times, carbon neutral with our electric cargo bike
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