Our mission is to let people live their best lives with a small negative footprint.


For our planet

People create and own things. This so called 'stuff' and its production, transport and discardment causes the highest pollution on planet earth. We believe we can have a positive impact on the climate by making the necessary changes – by shifting from ownership to access. We empower usage instead of ownership by granting access to 100+ high quality rental products on our platform in exchange for a small monthly fee. We provide mainly products that people don’t necessarily use on a daily basis, but need every now and then. This is why renting makes so much more sense than ownership, especially since it saves money, storage and minimizes waste. Win-win. We repair our products and exchange broken parts rather than trash them. We deliver our products on e-bikes and work with preventive maintenance. That’s why we utilize product usage to a maximum, resulting in less resource extraction and less waste from inferior products. All with deep respect for our planet. The future is circular, and we are building it. Together with you.

Good for our planet

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Owning products is the biggest source of pollution on our planet. The BIYU platform makes owning obsolete by making smart use of technology, providing you access to the highest quaility products. This leads to fewer use raw materials and less waste. With BIYU you contribute directly to a cleaner planet.

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