Our mission

Our mission is to empower people to live their best lives and help mother nature cope with our presence. We only have one planet, and our presence is hurting the ecosystems that make life as we know it possible. Without clean air, clean water, fertile soil, and stable weather conditions humanity won’t be able to thrive and future generations won’t be able to live their lives in peace.



For our planet

We empower a shift from ownership to access. We do this with our inhouse developed technology platform. This so we can empower people with the best products and utilize product usage to a maximum, resulting in less resource extraction and less waste from inferior products. The future is circular, and we are building it.

Good for our planet

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Owning products is the biggest source of pollution on our planet. The BIYU platform makes owning obsolete by making smart use of technology, providing you access to the highest quaility products. This leads to fewer use raw materials and less waste. With BIYU you contribute directly to a cleaner planet.

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