General Terms and Conditions BIYU B.V.

1. Definitions. In the General Terms and Conditions below, the following terms have the following meanings:

BIYU Access Subscription: the agreement between BIYU and the Tenant for the use of Products in the BIYU app and website, as well as any other agreement between BIYU and the Tenant; BIYU Product Subscription: the agreement between BIYU and the Tenant for the use of only one or more specific Products in the BIYU app and website, as well as any other agreement between BIYU and the Tenant; General Terms and Conditions: these general terms and conditions BIYU that apply to every Subscription and to every commercial transaction and / or interaction; App: The BIYU App, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store Website (s):, and End date: the date on which the Subscription ends due to cancellation by the Tenant as set out in these terms and conditions Product (s): the products made available by BIYU to the Tenant on the basis of the Subscription for use by the Tenant in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions; Tenant: any natural person or legal entity who takes out a Subscription with BIYU and / or lends products; Collection at service hub: the collection of Products by a Tenant at a service hub location of BIYU; Return at service hub: the return of Products by a Tenant at a service hub location of BIYU; Delivery: the delivery of a Product and any consumables to the address registered by the Tenant by BIYU; Pick up: the collection of a Product at the address registered by the Tenant by BIYU; Normal use: reasonable normal use by a Tenant; Daily Value: the new price of the Rental Object as of the damage date / date of loss, less depreciation based on age or the number of operating hours of the lost Rental Object.

2. Applicability

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply during a Subscription between BIYU and the Tenant and / or the lending of a Product by the Tenant. 2.2 Agreements between BIYU and the Tenant in deviation from or in addition to these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if they have been explicitly confirmed in writing by BIYU. 2.3 All amounts stated by BIYU include VAT.

3. Subscription

3.1 For the duration of the BIYU-ACCESS Subscription, the Tenant will have access to the Products that are shown in the App and on the Website. 3.2 The Tenant will be provided with for the duration of the BIYU-PRODUCT selected in the App or on the Website Subscription. 3.3 The BIYU Access Subscription has a maximum included rental time per Product. This time is indicated per Product in the App and on the Website. Depending on the value of the Product and the demand at that time, it is calculated for how many hours the Product is available to the Tenant per month and how much extra is charged if the maximum included rental time is exceeded. 3.4 The Products are delivered with matching packaging. 3.5 The Subscription gives the right to exchange free of charge. This is understood to mean: the free repair of defects in the Product caused by wear and tear and normal use of a Product. Examples of such defects are: a non-functioning worn-out battery, a non-functioning drive motor due to wear, a worn saw blade. The right to free exchange of the Product applies within the city limits where BIYU is active and the Tenant has registered. 3.6 The Products may be provided with an advertisement. If the advertisement is damaged, or an advertisement has completely disappeared from the Product, the Tenant must immediately contact BIYU. 3.7. If you want to become a member or place an order, a credit check and personal data check is performed (KYC = Know Your Customer). For this purpose, our payment service provider (Signicat and / or Firmhouse) will use your name and bank account details / credit card details. We conduct this audit to protect our legitimate business interests to prevent fraud and financial loss or to comply with our legal obligations. 3.8 BIYU has the right to cancel the subscription unilaterally at any time, without stating reasons.

4. Conditions

4.1 The Tenant makes normal use of the Products and takes care of the Products with due diligence. 4.2 The Products are exclusively intended for personal use by the Tenant. The Tenant is not permitted to lend the Products to third parties. In the event of a violation of this prohibition, the Tenant will owe BIYU a fine of an amount as stated in Table 1. This amount is determined by BIYU. The imposition of the fine does not affect any other rights of BIYU such as claiming compensation or terminating the Subscription, in accordance with chapter 14 of the General Terms and Conditions. 4.3 The tenant must be in possession of a SEPA bank account number. 4.4 The Products remain the property of BIYU and or BIYU's product partners at all times. The Tenant is not permitted to establish or grant any (security) right to a Product on behalf of a third party. 4.5 Retention of title and security: The rented Products remain the property of BIYU at all times, regardless of the duration of the Agreement. If the Tenant deliberately appropriates the rented property, this is an embezzlement. The Agreement will not be extended by the late return of the rented property, although the risk remains entirely with the Tenant. 4.6 Except with written permission from BIYU, the Tenant is not entitled to dispose of, pledge or otherwise encumber the rented Products on behalf of third parties. 4.7 The tenant is personally liable for compliance with the General Terms and Conditions. 4.8 The tenant is responsible for the timely notification of changes in the data known to BIYU, such as a new address or bank account number. 4.9 The Tenant may not make any changes to the Products that cannot be removed without damaging the Products. The Tenant is also not permitted to manipulate the electronics or software of the Products in any way. 4.10 The tenant must be 18 years of age or older and legally competent to be able to take out a Subscription. Minors can only take out a Subscription with the consent of a parent or guardian. 4.11 A digital verification process of the correct identification documents can be part of the registration process upon delivery of the Product. Lack of the correct identification documents will result in the Product not being delivered. If verification shows that there may be fraud, BIYU will report this to the police. 4.12 BIYU is entitled to request proof of identity (driver's license / government ID) during the transfer of the product. The customer is obliged to provide proof of identity during delivery / collection time.

5. Exchange

5.1 BIYU aims to exchange a Product within 24 hours after the Tenant has contacted BIYU by e-mail or the App. Exchange is done by appointment with the Tenant. 5.2 If this target time is not met, the Tenant cannot claim any compensation or reimbursement. 5.3 Exchanges only take place in the event of a defect, loss or theft of the Product and only within the service area where BIYU is active. 5.4 If the Tenant wrongly requests an exchange (an 'Unjustified exchange'), BIYU has the right to charge a call-out fee (see Table 1 for the amount). If the Tenant does not show up at an appointment made to exchange, this is also considered an Incorrect exchange. 5.5 When a Product is exchanged by BIYU, the Product including packaging is transferred by the Tenant to BIYU.

6. Term, Subscription and Cancellation

6.1 The term of the Subscription (“Subscription Period”) is for an indefinite period, unless stated otherwise by the Tenant. One-off administration costs will be charged to the Tenant for a Subscription. Delivery costs may be charged for (a maximum of an attempt at) a delivery to the Tenant, which are not included in the rental price. These are listed on the Website and are clearly stated prior to the rental. 6.2 If a Subscription period of one month has been chosen, the term of the Subscription is one month to be calculated from the date as agreed during the registration procedure. At the end of this period, the Subscription will be tacitly renewed, each time for a period of one month, unless the Subscription is terminated in accordance with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. Both parties can cancel the Subscription at any time with due observance of a notice period of one month by the last day of the following calendar month. 6.3 After cancellation until the End Date, the Tenant is entitled to use the Products and the obligation to pay the costs of the Subscription. 6.4 The Products, the packaging and the (possible) parts (eg battery) must be returned to BIYU by the Tenant no later than the End Date. 6.5 If the Product is returned by the Tenant before the End Date, this will end all rights of the Tenant under the Subscription, without prejudice to the obligation of the Tenant to pay the full subscription costs until the End Date. 6.6 Before the Product has been returned to BIYU, the Tenant can cancel the cancellation at any time and reactivate the Subscription by means of an e-mail to BIYU. 6.7 If the Product is not transferred by the Tenant to BIYU by the End Date at the latest, the Tenant will owe a fine of the amount stated in Table 1 per day until the Product is still transferred to BIYU or the Subscription is reactivated, which must be done within seven days at the latest. to be done. In the latter case, the Tenant remains obliged to pay the penalty until the date that the Subscription is reactivated. 6.8 Rental period within BIYU Access: the rental period starts when the Product is delivered to the Tenant or when the Product is collected by the Tenant from a service hub (Tenant scans the QR code on the product). The rental period ends at the agreed time (when booking the Product) or earlier if returned by the Tenant or collected by BIYU. In that case, the costs for the rented property will not be reduced. 6.9 Reservation and cancellation: it is possible to reserve Products intended for rental at BIYU. When the Agreement is concluded, the time and period to which the reservation relates and by which the items must be available to the Tenant are recorded in the App. In case the Tenant cancels the reservation or when the Tenant is not home at the, selected by Tenant, delivery slot, the following applies (refer to Table 1):
a) If the Tenant cancels the reservation before the Product has been prepared for delivery (within 1 hour from delivery), the costs of delivery and pick-up (if applicable) will be refunded to the Tenant.
b) If the Tenant cancels the reservation after the Product has been prepared for delivery, or when the Product is already on the way (in transit), the costs of delivery will not be refunded. The costs of the related pick-up (if any and if applicable) will be refunded to the Tenant.
c) If the Tenant is not home or is not able to receive the Product(s) reserved at the by Tenant selected delivery slot, the costs of delivery will not be refunded to the Tenant. The costs of the related pick-up (if any and if applicable) will be refunded to the Tenant.

7. Theft or missing

7.1 In the event of loss or theft of the Product and / or a part thereof (eg the battery), the Tenant is obliged to notify this within 24 hours. report it to BIYU and, together with a BIYU employee, file a report with the police. In that case, the tenant owes a deductible, which differs per Subscription. The applicable deductible per Subscription can be found in Table 1. The Tenant is not entitled to receive a replacement product from BIYU. If the Tenant fails to report the incident, the theft will be regarded as embezzlement. 7.2 If the Tenant does not report missing or theft of the Product, or does not report it in time, the Tenant will owe BIYU the deductible as set out in Table 1. 7.3 In order to prevent incidents such as loss, theft and damage, the Products must always be treated with care. The Product must not be left unattended anywhere and must always be kept inside behind a closed door after use until the Product is returned to BIYU. 7.4 If the Products are not handled with care and are, for example, left outside unattended and an incident occurs, including a case of vandalism, loss or theft, the Tenant will owe a negligence surcharge. 7.5 If a missing or stolen Product is found within the term of the Subscription, the Tenant will be credited a maximum of the excess paid. BIYU determines the amount of this amount based on the condition of the Product and any other costs. 7.6 If it appears that the Tenant has provided incorrect information to the disadvantage of BIYU, BIYU has the right to charge an unfairness surcharge (Table 1). This amount is in addition to the deductible and any negligence surcharge. 7.7 If parts or parts of the Product are missing or stolen, BIYU has the right to charge this to the Tenant up to a maximum of the amount of the deductible. A price list of parts and parts per type of product and Subscription can be requested from BIYU.

8. Damage and maintenance

8.1 Damage to the Products caused by vandalism will be reported by the Tenant to BIYU within 24 hours. 8.2 BIYU has the right to check the Products for their condition. The tenant is obliged to cooperate in carrying out checks, modifications and maintenance (on request from BIYU). 8.3 In the event of damage to and wear and tear of a Product other than can be expected through normal use, such at the discretion of BIYU, BIYU reserves the right to recover the costs thereof from the Tenant. If damage is found to the rented property upon inspection, the Tenant will be informed of this as soon as possible. In this damage report, a period will be set within which the damaged item is kept available for the Tenant, for the benefit of a (counter- / contradictory) assessment. After expiry of this period, repairs or replacements will be carried out and all costs (and / or any deductible) will be charged to the Tenant. If the Tenant does not make use of the possibility of counter- / contradictory expertise, the damage assessment by BIYU is binding. 8.4 In the event of damage caused by (partly) the fault of a third party, the Tenant is obliged to provide BIYU with the contact details of this third party and a situation sketch signed by both parties for approval. A claim form is available on the website. If no contact details of the third party are provided, the damage will be charged to the Tenant. 8.5 If reference is made to technical, safety, quality and / or other regulations in the Agreement and / or related information (e.g. a user manual) for a Product, the Tenant is deemed to be aware of these and to be able to apply them. 8.6 Any right of action of the Hirer against BIYU relating to damage lapses if: a. The damage and / or defects have not been notified to BIYU within 24 hours and / or not in the manner indicated there; b. the Tenant will not or insufficiently cooperate with BIYU regarding an investigation into the validity of the complaints; c. the Hirer has not set up, treated, used, stored or maintained the Products in the correct manner or if he has used or treated the Products under circumstances that are unsuitable for the goods; d. the Tenant, without prior, express and written permission from BIYU, has carried out repairs and / or modifications to the Products; e. the Product is taken into use after discovery of the defects as intended, or if use of the Product is continued after discovery. f. BIYU is not offered the possibility of (contradictory / contradictory) expertise. 8.7 If the Product has not been transferred to BIYU within seven days after the End Date and the Subscription has not been reactivated, BIYU will report the theft by the Tenant. In that case, the Tenant is also obliged to compensate the damage suffered by BIYU, which is determined per Subscription and can be found in Table 1, without prejudice to the right of BIYU to request full compensation for the damage it has suffered, insofar as this exceeds the amount of the established compensation depending on the type of Subscription. 8.8 In the event of theft, loss or (economic) total loss of the rented property, the Tenant undertakes to compensate BIYU for the damage at the value stated in Table 1. If repair is still possible, the Tenant undertakes to pay the repair costs. involved in this. The same applies to damage to / theft of parts and / or accessories of the rented property. In addition, the Tenant remains liable for all other damage suffered by BIYU as a result (such as, but not limited to: expertise costs, loss of turnover and / or profit, etc.). 8.9 For missing items for which BIYU has already charged the current market value to the Tenant and which is later found and returned by the Tenant, the Tenant owes the rent up to the date of issue. This will be deducted by BIYU from the reimbursement of the current value to be returned to the Tenant. 8.10 The expertise made by or on behalf of BIYU for the purpose of determining damage, repair and / or cleaning costs to the rented property will be directly borne by the Tenant. The Tenant declares in advance that it agrees in advance that an assessment will be carried out at the expense of the Tenant, by a recognized assessment agency designated by BIYU, if this is deemed desirable by BIYU. 8.11 The Tenant is held liable, regardless of whether it is to blame for damage, loss, theft or rendering the rented item useless or worthless.

9. Payments

9.1 The tenant is obliged to pay the subscription fee via direct debit / direct debit payment. 9.2 In the event of additional costs charged, such as the deductible and surcharges, BIYU has the right to demand payment thereof before delivering a new Product to the Tenant. 9.3 If the subscription or other costs cannot be written off or are wrongly reversed, the Tenant is in default by operation of law. The tenant will then receive a reminder to pay the amount due within fourteen days. If the amount due is not paid within the period of fourteen days, BIYU can engage a collection agency. All additional administration costs and the extrajudicial collection costs are for the account of the Tenant. 9.4 If the Tenant does not pay within the set term, it will be in default without any notice of default being required. In that case, the Tenant forfeits, from the due date until the day of full payment, an interest equal to the statutory interest plus 10% per year, calculated on the unpaid amount. This interest is immediately due and payable without further notice of default. All costs involved in the collection of invoiced amounts (including the extrajudicial collection costs) are borne by the Tenant. The extrajudicial collection costs are listed in Table 1. The same applies if collection by BIYU fails due to an insufficient balance, or any other impediment on the part of the Tenant or at his risk? 9.5 In each of the cases referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4, all claims of BIYU against the Tenant are immediately and fully due and payable, the Tenant is obliged to immediately return the rented goods and BIYU has the right, insofar as permissible, to provide access to the premises and buildings of the Tenant and to enter them in order to take possession of the relevant goods. All costs involved and as a result damage suffered by BIYU are for the account of the Tenant. 9.6 BIYU would always collect outstanding amounts from that party identified by Firmhouse / Signicat.

10. Returning products

10.1 The rented item must be returned in the same condition as it was received. If this is not the case, the additional costs for cleaning / repair, in addition to an administration surcharge (see Table 1 for details), will be at the expense of the Tenant. 10.2 All risks with regard to goods to be delivered by BIYU that have been purchased by the Tenant will transfer to the Tenant at the time of delivery of those goods. At that time, the ownership of the goods also transfers to the Tenant. 10.3 Rented goods will be checked by BIYU after return. The collection of a Product by BIYU from the Tenant is not such an inspection If the Tenant wishes to be present at the inspection, it must indicate this when entering into the Agreement, so that an appointment can be made for the time of the inspection (within 24 hours after return) at a location to be specified by BIYU.

11. Force majeure

11.1 If BIYU, due to force majeure, is unable to fulfill any obligation towards the Tenant, the fulfillment thereof will be suspended for the duration of the force majeure situation, with a maximum of two months. After these two months, both parties have the right to dissolve the Agreement, in whole or in part, in writing. 11.2 BIYU is not obliged to pay any compensation towards the Tenant if it has not been able to perform, not properly or on time due to force majeure. 11.3 Force majeure should be understood to mean: any circumstance beyond the control of BIYU that is of such a nature that BIYU cannot reasonably be expected to comply with the Agreement. This also includes: strike, riots, war and other disturbances, boycotts, blockades, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, lack of raw materials, prevention and interruption of transport options, extreme weather conditions, fire, machine breakdown, disruptions in BIYU's business, problems at suppliers and / or measures of any government agency.

12. Liability

12.1 If the Tenant takes a Product into use, this will be understood as proof that it functions properly and shows no defects. 12.2 In case of doubt by the Tenant about the safety of the Product, BIYU must be contacted immediately. 12.3 The use of the Product by the Tenant is entirely at the risk of the Tenant. 12.4 BIYU is not liable for any (injury) damage suffered by the Tenant as a result of the use of the Product, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of BIYU. 12.5 The liability of BIYU for damage that arises during the performance of the Agreement or otherwise as a result of the actions of BIYU on the part of the Tenant, is limited to compensation for direct damage to a maximum of the amount that would be charged under the relevant insurance of BIYU. are paid out. Direct damage is exclusively understood to mean material damage to goods and / or persons, reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit direct damage and reasonable costs incurred to determine the cause of damage, liability, direct damage and the manner of recovery. 12.6 The Hirer is responsible for the timely reporting of any defects and / or damage to the Product. 12.7 The tenant indemnifies BIYIU against claims from third parties, including government authorities, for recovery of damage that was and / or is suffered as a result of shortcomings in the delivered Products, including lack of safety thereof in the sense of regulations with regard to product liability, and for redress of damage, including fines, as a result of any (non) action by the Tenant in the performance of the Agreement. 12.8 The Tenant indemnifies BIYU against all claims from third parties in the event that damage is caused to third parties and / or materials of third parties due to culpable behavior of the Tenant. 12.9 If the Hirer causes damage to a Product in the performance of the Agreement through his culpable behavior, BIYU is entitled to hold the Hirer liable for this damage. 12.10 The Tenant undertakes to provide BIYU with access to the leased property at all times, to reject third-party claims against the leased property and to indemnify BIYU against this. Subletting and making available to third parties is not permitted under penalty of forfeiture of insurance cover and costs as stated in Table 1.

13. Delivery and deductible:

13.1 The goods are deemed to have been delivered and the risk thereof is deemed to have been transferred to the Tenant: a. on delivery to the service hub BIYU: at the time of actual provision of possession; b. in case of delivery at a different location: at the moment that the Tenant has received the Product. 13.2. The Tenant must ensure that it is present during the agreed delivery time for the receipt of the rented goods. If no one is present at the time of delivery, BIYU has the right to take back the rented property, without the Tenant being able to claim a refund of costs for the rented property. 13.3 The tenant and / or other persons who operate the rented property under the responsibility of the tenant must be familiar with the user instructions and / or (other) manuals present at the rented property / attached to the rented property and act in accordance with these. The Hirer also guarantees that all persons who operate the rented property are competent with regard to this operation and have the relevant (legally) required diplomas, certificates, driving licenses, etc. The above applies under penalty of forfeiture of insurance cover. 13.4 The Tenant undertakes to pay all charges and fines arising from the use of the rented by him or third parties immediately. 13.5 If applicable, the Tenant must ensure, at its own responsibility and at its expense, that it has the necessary permits and approvals in good time before the delivery of the rented property. 13.6 At the time of purchase, the Tenant will inspect the rented goods for externally visible defects. The goods are deemed to have been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the Agreement if they have not been refused by the tenant during the time of collection. 13.7 Complaints from the Tenant that relate to externally visible defects in the goods and that have been discovered during the inspection referred to in paragraph 1, must be reported by the Tenant to BIYU in writing within 24 hours after delivery. 13.8 Defects that were not discovered at the time of the aforementioned inspection and should not have been discovered during this inspection, must be notified to BIYU by the Hirer within 48 hours of discovery, in the same manner as stated in paragraph 2. 13.9 In the event of damage, the Tenant must report this to BIYU within 48 hours of its occurrence in the same manner as stated in 12.8. In this damage report, the suspected damage amount is also indicated and BIYU is offered the opportunity to have a (counter- / contradictory) assessment carried out within a reasonable period of time. The aforementioned reasonable term is at least 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the damage report by BIYU.

14. Change

14.1 BIYU reserves the right to change the costs of a Subscription. Changes will be communicated to the Tenant by e-mail at least two months before the commencement date. 14.2 Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions will be announced at least one month before the commencement date by means of a notice on the Website and by e-mail to the Tenant. 14.3 BIYU is at all times entitled to transfer its claims against the Tenant for whatever reason to third parties.

15. Failure to comply with obligations

15.1 BIYU has the right to dissolve or cancel the Subscription in whole or in part with immediate effect by means of an in-app notification, email or written notification to the Tenant, if: The Tenant is in default of his obligations under the Subscription; The tenant applies for a (provisional) suspension of payments or is granted a (provisional) suspension of payments; the bankruptcy of the Tenant is filed for, or he is declared bankrupt; The tenant is placed under guardianship or is admitted to the debt rescheduling scheme for natural persons; The Hirer uses the Products in violation of the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions (eg the terms of use); a Product or other goods of BIYU is seized at the expense of the Tenant and this adversely affects the fulfillment of his obligations under the Subscription; In the opinion of BIYU, the tenant is abusing the service offered by BIYU; The Tenant deliberately provides incorrect information to BIYU, or the Tenant should otherwise no longer be deemed able to fulfill the obligations arising from the Subscription. 15.2 The Hirer has the right to terminate the Subscription with immediate effect if BIYU has repeatedly and / or seriously failed to fulfill its obligations as described in the General Terms and Conditions.

16. Terms of use of the Website and App: Exclusion of liability for external links

16.1 The Website may provide links to external websites. BIYU hereby expressly declares that it has no influence on the layout or content of the linked pages and dissociates itself expressly from all content of all linked pages of third parties. BIYU is not liable for the use or the content of websites that have a link to or to which this site links. Our privacy and cookie notices do not apply to the collection and processing of your personal data on or by such external sites.

17. Intellectual Property

17.1 All brand names, logo, product names and titles used on the Website are trademarks or trade names of BIYU BV or trademarks or trade names of third parties. You are not permitted to use or reproduce such trademarks, logos or trade names as this may constitute an infringement of the rights of the holder. 17.2 The rights to the design of the Website, App, texts, documents, films, music and / or other services and the selection and arrangement thereof, and all software compilations, underlying source codes, software and all other material on this Website and App are owned by BIYU or licensed to BIYU and / or its suppliers and subcontractors. 17.3 You are only permitted to electronically copy and print parts of the website and app to the extent necessary to place an order with us, or to use the website as a store / rental resource. You are not permitted to make any other use of the information and materials on this Website and App, including reproduction for purposes other than those listed above, modification, distribution or republication. If you wish to use any materials or information from this website, you require our prior written consent to do so.

18. Privacy

18.1 BIYU considers it important to properly protect your personal data. How BIYU does this is described in the Privacy Statement. This can be consulted via / privacy. For questions or comments about this, you can contact us at [email protected] 18.2 If BIYU processes personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in connection with the performance of the Agreement, it guarantees that it will do so in accordance with applicable legislation (including the GDPR).

19. Governing Law. Disputes

19.1 The Subscription and the General Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. 19.2 All disputes arising from or in connection with the Subscription will be exclusively submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

20. Conversion

If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions is void, voidable or unenforceable, this provision will automatically (by operation of law) be replaced by a valid provision that corresponds as closely as possible to the purport of the invalid provision. The parties are obliged to enter into reasonable consultation with each other about the text of this new provision, if necessary. In that case, the provisions in the General Terms and Conditions will remain as valid as possible without prejudice to their validity.


DetailCosts and / or fines
• Product not returned on time€ 25 (Twenty-five EURO) per day for the first 7 days; afterwards regarded as theft
• Product not returned cleanCosts for cleaning plus admin costs of € 30 (Thirty EURO) will be charged to the Renter
• Product lent to third partiesMaximum of € 2,000 (Two thousand EURO) fine
• Theft (without negligence)Excess of 20% on the product with a maximum of € 500 (five hundred EURO)
• Theft (with own negligence)daily value100% of the current value of the Product + fine of € 200 (Two hundred EURO)
• Dishonesty surcharge€ 1,000 (Thousand EURO) in addition to other fines and costs
• Incorrect exchange€ 20 (Twenty EURO) costs in case of incorrect exchange
• CollectionExtrajudicial collection costs amount to at least 15% of the principal sum, with a minimum of € 350 (Three hundred and fifty EURO)
• Cancellation costs60% of the order amount, when the cancellation takes place between the 59th and 30th day before the time when the Products would be made available to the Hirer; - 70% of the net order amount in case of cancellation between the 29th and 10th day before the aforementioned time; - 80% of the net order amount in case of cancellation after the 10th day before the aforementioned time.


If BIYU decides to change these terms and conditions, we will post the amended terms and conditions on the Website and App. You are advised to check regularly for changes. Existing contracts will not be affected by such changes. These general terms and conditions were last amended in April 2021. Questions: Any questions can be asked by our customer service at [email protected] Our Contact details BIYU B.V. Westermarkt 14 1016DK Amsterdam For any request regarding these terms please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Last updated: April 2021











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