Become a vendor

Create a new revenue stream and start renting your products through our platform

Who qualifies as a vendor?

Manufacturers of high-end products, with one or multiple brand(s). Retail and rental businesses can also apply to become a vendor on the BIYU platform.


Why become a vendor?

BIYU champions the circular economy. We offer a circular supply chain platform that integrates vendors into a unified ecosystem, enabling hassle-free rentals for customers, and supports manufacturers and their distributors to practise: reuse, repair, recycle, and remanufacture.


Easy set up

Plug & play without the need for any system integrations. It’s easy to add products, set rental terms, configure hubs, set delivery resources and start driving revenue from rental on the BIYU platform.


What does BIYU do?

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    Always-on one-stop rental platform
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    Onboarding and training vendor staff
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    Packaging (if applicable)
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    Customer acquisition
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    Online payment processing
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    Know Your Customer (KYC) flow
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    Embedded insurance (theft and damage)
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    First line customer support

What do vendors do?

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    Hubs with rental counter
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    Product storage and maintenance
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    Operations (maintenance, cleaning, repairing etc.)
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    Product turnaround

Delivery made easy

Orders can be delivered via vendor, BIYU, or DHL last mile delivery resources. The process is fully integrated in the BIYU platform (this service is optional).

Delivery made easy

Apply to become a vendor

Submit the vendor application form and one of our account managers will be in touch.

Vendor application form

Join vendors like

Kärcher, STIHL, Festool, Pioneer DJ, MisterGreen and many more in building a circular future where nothing goes to waste.

Tiny Library
GeeGee Gaming
Kärcher Utrecht
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