Are you looking for the perfect transportation for your next adventure? At BIYU, we have everything you need! Rent a Biro microcar to effortlessly maneuver through the city, or opt for a Tesla to travel stylishly from A to B! And if you're moving soon, we have good news because our electric cargo bikes are ideal for transporting large items and furniture.

13 Products

  • Rent the electric cargo bike cargo XL from Urban Arrow at BIYU
    Urban Arrow
    Electric cargo bike

    € 59,-

    / 24 hour
  • Tesla
    TEST tesla Model X pls DELETE

    Available soon

  • Tesla Model X 100D rental at BIYU
    Tesla Model X

    € 240,-

    / 24 hour
  • Rent a stylish Biro Urban electric city car at BIYU for hassle-free, sustainable urban transportation and easy parking.
    Biro Microcar

    Available soon

  • Tesla
    Tesla Model S

    € 200,-

    / 24 hour
  • This product is includedBIYU Access membership
    LEKKER Bikes
    Amsterdam GT eBike

    Available soon

  • Tesla
    Tesla Model 3

    Available soon

  • Rent an 82 ft monohull sailing yacht including crew at BIYU. Rent the IKIGAI sailboat
    Sailing Yacht IKIGAI

    € 37.500,-

    / week
  • Rent the Microlino Dolce city car now from BIYU. Rent a compact electric car from BIYU
    Microlino City Car

    € 89,-

    / 24 hour
    Normal price:

    € 99,-

  • BoatNow
    Romantic boat Sarah

    Available soon

  • Rent this vidaXL bike trailer, 130x73x48.5 cm, at BIYU for all your heavy loads.
    This product is includedBIYU Access membership
    Bicycle trailer

    Available soon

  • Rent the VanMoof S5 electric bike at BIYU: sustainable, comfortable and easy to use.
    VanMoof S5

    Available soon

  • Compact BAW PONY city car with trendy two-tone design, available for rental in Amsterdam.
    Electric City Car Pony

    Available soon

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