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This airfryer XXL can do everything your oven can do, but faster and hotter! 🥵 Tip: check TikTok for fun and popular recipes!

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Product information

Product information

  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Digital touch screen.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 'Ready to use' signal.
  • Temperature controller.
  • Keep warm function; keep warm for up to 30 minutes.

Note: There are special variants of, for example, bitterballen, croquettes, cheese souffles, etc. that are made specifically for the Airfryer. Use these variants in the Airfryer to avoid disappointment!

What to expect

With this XXL Philips Airfryer with baking pan you can easily, quickly and healthily prepare the tastiest dishes. Because with this Airfryer you can bake more than “just” fries. This device is more energy efficient than a convection oven because you only need to preheat it to a limited extent and no warm air is lost. The Airfryer extracts the fat from the food and collects it under the double bottom. As a result, the grease is not included in the airflow. That saves about 90% in fat compared to a traditional deep fryer. And with the multifunctional QuickControl button, you can set both the temperature and the cooking time. Do you want to rent this Airfryer? Order it in the app.

We deliver this Airfryer including: - Baking mold.

  • Silicone muffin tin.
  • Baking pan high; for cakes, bread and stews.
  • Baking pan low; for a pizza, quiche, roast nuts and grill loose vegetables.
  • Grill rack; this creates an extra baking layer, so twice as much space.
  • 4 skewers.
  • Silicone coaster.
  • 2 silicone mitts.

More features:

  • Speed ​​dial program.
  • QuickClean basket with non-stick coating.
  • Advanced fast warm up.
  • Set time: Maximum 60 minutes.
  • Temperature controller: 40-200°C.
  • Cooking with preset functions.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Coolwall housing.
  • Basket capacity: 1.4kg/0.8kg chips.
  • Power: 2225W.
  • Programmes: 5 preset stations.
  • Fat Removal technology.
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 people.
  • Twin TurboStar Technology ensures a 90% fat reduction.

Perfect for making and preparing:

  • Bread.
  • Eggs.
  • Grilling meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Savory pies.
  • Lasagna.
  • Olliebollen
  • Risotto.
  • Snacks.
  • Grilled cheese.

More product information

Product specifications

Product type: XXL 9653/90
Weight: 8.00kg
Size: 304 x 432 x 324mm

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1 accessories included

Airfryer accessory kit

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Makkelijk in gebruik en alles piekfijn geleverd.


5 days ago


It was not my first time hiring this. Easy to use and does the job.


5 days ago


Great product and great service! Easy online booking. Will use Biyu again in the future!


11 days ago

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