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Rent a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner, carpet cleaner or steam cleaner at BIYU! At BIYU you rent many Kärcher products from the professional line for the best cleaning result. Best product, best brand, that's what you rent at BIYU.


Rent everything you need for your garden with us. From lawnmowers to beautiful bouquets, we rent out all you need. With our extensive range of top-brand products, you can easily spruce up and beautify your outdoor and indoor space.

Rent this professional Kärcher pressure washer now at BIYU!
High-pressure cleaner
Compact high-pressure cleaner with 3-in-1 wash brush
Cordless high-pressure cleaner with suction hose
Cordless high-pressure cleaner


Do you want super clean, shiny windows without streaks? Or do you want to clean your car's interior? Then try out our professional cleaning tools to give any surface a deep clean.

Carpet and upholstery cleaner Large
Rent this Kärcher compact and powerful pressure washer now from BIYU!
Compact high-pressure cleaner
Carpet and upholstery cleaner
Scrubber | Suction Machine Professional
Carpet Cleaner Extra Powerful
Rent from BIYU the Kärcher pressure washer professional HD 5/15 CX Plus with surface cleaner FR Classic.
Pressure washer professional with surface cleaner
Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Rent Kärcher TLA 4 window cleaner set from BIYU, man cleans window. Ideal for solar panel cleaning
Facade and glass cleaning kit
Kärcher boenmachine en schrobmachine goedkoop huren bij BIYU
Scrubber dryer


Hey Mr. or Mrs. Fixit! Planning to renovate your house or start working on an awesome DIY project? From sawing to sanding, sewing, and drilling: at BIYU, you can find anything you need to fix anything you want.

Rent Kärcher NT 30/1 Tact Te L Vacuum and Water Vacuum with power plug at BIYU
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with power plug
Kärcher cordless professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 L affordable rental with BIYU
Cordless professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Rent the Karcher SP 5 Dirt submersible pump at BIYU for efficient transfer of dirty water. Ideal for draining basements, pools, ponds, and wells.
Dirty water submersible pump

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