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Cordless high-pressure cleaner WITH SUCTION HOSE

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Cordless high-pressure cleaner WITH SUCTION HOSE

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Product information

Product information

  • Power source: Battery.
  • Battery type: 5.0 Ah lithium-ion
  • Maximum battery operating time: 17min.
  • Voltage: 36V.
  • Garden hose length: 15m.
  • Working pressure: 110 bar.

What to expect

Cleaning jobs around the house? That's not what this Kärcher battery high-pressure cleaner with suction hose revolves around its spray lance and dirt blaster for! You also have freedom of movement, because this high-pressure sprayer works on a battery. Ideal for multifunctional cleaning of; smaller cars and cleaning tasks around the house, motorcycles and boats. Connect the suction hose to draw water from a water tank.

We deliver this device including:

  • Battery and charger.
  • Garden battle (15 meters).
  • 2 spray lances to switch between standard and turbo mode.
  • Analogue display on the spray gun showing the selected cleaning mode.
  • Suction hose for detergent.
  • The suction hose is equipped with a water filter that prevents dirt particles from entering the high-pressure pump.

More product information

Product specifications

Product type: K 2 Battery
Weight: 7.70kg
Size: 630 x 310 x 250mm

Rental periodPrice
Price for an hour€ 6.99
Price for 4 hours€ 14.94

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8 accessories included

Battery Li-Ion 36V / 5.0Ah

Fast charger Kärcher 36V Li-Ion batteries

High-pressure hose G 120 Q

Suction hose (5m)

Water filter

Tap connector

Tap connector

Tap connector

Use this product for

Types of use: Facade cleaning

Types of use: Floor cleaner

Types of use: Wall cleaning

Types of use: Cleaning of bicycles

Types of use: Cleaning of machines and appliances

Types of use: Cleaning of windows

Types of use: Cleaning of tiles

Types of use: Cleaning of smooth surfaces

Types of use: Cleaning of glas

Material: Tiles

Material: Stone

Material: Brick

Material: Natural stone

Material: Smooth surfaces

Material: Glass

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Ik heb het product naar behoren kunnen gebruiken. Echter was de waterdruk niet constant, waardoor ik iets meer tijd was voor de klus


about 2 months ago

About the brand

Bring back the wow!Had a party and red wine all over your sofa or your carpet? Don't worry, at BIYU you can rent the professional Kärcher carpet cleaners to remove the stains and deep clean your carpet and sofa. Use the Puzzi 8 for smaller surfaces, and the Puzzi 10 for slightly larger surfaces. Need extra cleaning tablets? Order them through BIYU customer service and we will include them with the delivery. Easy right?

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