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Portable battery | power generator

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Je geeft een feestje op een boot, maar geen stabiele uitgang? Sluit je DJ-set en speakers gewoon aan op deze Wattsun en je hebt je "eigen" elektrisch aggregaat op je bootje, zonder zo'n benzine ding dat de hele dag staat te fikken :-). Bob's your uncle!

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Product information

Product information

  • The Wattsun Dock 2000 is the environmentally friendly alternative to a power generator with a combustion engine
  • The Wattsun Dock 2000 provides continuous clean voltage making it possible to connect even the most sensitive equipment
  • Continuous power of 2000 Watt with a capacity of 1400 Wh
  • Comparable to the slightly more powerful Honda Inverter EU22i generator, but a lot lighter and, above all, cleaner
  • And of course: completely silent, ideal for a quiet environment. Moreover, you don't have to refill the fuel tank every time - it's that easy :-)

What to expect

The Wattsun Dock is a mobile power generator but with batteries, and was developed and invented in the Netherlands. The basis of every Wattsun consists of a so-called Dock, which you can rent at BIYU. This Dock consists of both a rechargeable battery and a charging station. Each Dock is equipped with both a charging cable and its own socket with normal mains voltage (230 volts / 50 Hz). Cool feature: all Docks are standard equipped with a 2.42-inch OLED graphic display. All important information can be read at a glance, including battery status, current consumption in Watts and remaining time in hours and minutes.

The Wattsun Dock is equipped with a charging connector at the back. Connect the supplied charger to the mains and plug into the Dock and the battery will be charged. The charging can be followed live on the display so that you know exactly what the status of the battery is. The battery is fully charged in less than 5 hours.

All specifications:

  • Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Continuous power: 1500 watts
  • Peak power: ≈1730 watts 1 min.
  • Surge power: ≈2600 watts 3 sec.
  • Battery technology: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery brand: Panasonic
  • Battery capacity: 1400 Wh
  • Number of charging cycles:> 600 charging cycles
  • Nominal voltage: 51.8 volts
  • Charging voltage: 58.8 volts
  • Charging capacity: 360 watts (6A)
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours
  • Cooling: Active temperature and charge controlled cooling system for optimum service life
  • AC output protection: Short circuit and overload protection, top and bottom temperature protection
  • Safety standards: EN 60950-01

More product information

Product specifications

Product type: WSD2000
Weight: 18.00kg
Size: 220 x 430 x 510mm

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Types of use: Working where there is no power

Types of use: Music

Types of use: Entertainment

Types of use: Party

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Makkelijk in gebruik en alles piekfijn geleverd.


5 days ago


It was not my first time hiring this. Easy to use and does the job.


5 days ago


Great product and great service! Easy online booking. Will use Biyu again in the future!


11 days ago

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Pop-up powerNeed temporary power at your party or construction site? I got you! Rent a durable battery pack from Wattsun and don't let anything stop you!

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