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Cordless router

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Use this versatile tool to round sharp edges, mill locks and latches, and create decorative edges for table tops.

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Product information

Product information

  • Cordless router for woodworking and carpentry projects.
  • Brushless motor and aluminum housing.
  • Adjustable parallel stop and edge milling module.
  • Router module and base plate with angle adjustment.
  • Interchangeable plunge and tilt bases.
  • Ergonomic design and soft rubber grip.
  • LED light for improved visibility.
  • 18V lithium-ion battery with quick charging.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy maneuverability.
  • Maximum collet capacity of 1/4" and 3/8".
  • Suitable for both professional and DIY use.
  • Versatile and reliable power tool.

What to expect

This Makita battery top and edge milling cutter 18V is fully equipped to perform thorough milling work. The edge router has various handy attachments and accessories. This allows you to change it from edge to router and vice versa in no time at all. Moreover, this cordless cutter is almost as powerful as corded variants. This is due to the high-quality brushless motor. Perfect for; making rebates, applying decorative borders or other forms of woodworking. With this top quality cutter you can work in a controlled and accurate manner. This is partly due to features such as the soft start, soft grip, the variable speed from 10,000 to 30,000 rpm, and the double LED lighting.

Do you want to rent this battery top and edge router? Order it in the app. We supply the cultivator with a fast charger. That way you can keep working.

More features:

  • Adjustment height: 0-40mm.
  • Shaft diameter: 6-8mm.
  • Soleplate size: 89x89mm.
  • Collet chuck: 6mm & 8mm (included).
  • Battery voltage: 18V
  • Dimensions: 134x89x226mm (lxwxh).
  • Weight: 2.1kg.
  • Sound pressure level (Lpa): 78 dB/A.
  • K-value noise: 3 dB/A.
  • Vibration when processing MDF: 4.5m/s².
  • K-value vibration: 1,5m/s².

We supply this battery top and edge router with a Trasco 8mm shank, 12-piece router set containing the following routers:

  • Groove cutter diameter = 6 mm
  • Groove cutter diameter = 8 mm
  • Groove cutter diameter = 10 mm
  • Groove cutter diameter = 12 mm
  • Groove cutter diameter = 16 mm
  • V-groove angle = 90˚
  • Hollow profile cutter radius = 6.3 mm
  • Edge milling diameter = 12.7 mm
  • Rebate cutter (rebate) width 6.35 mm
  • Phase milling angle = 45˚
  • Rounding radius = 3.2 mm
  • Rounding radius = 6.3 mm

Last but not least, we also include a Bosch end mill (8mm shank) of 22mm wide and 25mm high.

More product information

Product specifications

Product type: DRT50ZJX2
Weight: 2.10kg
Size: 226 x 89 x 134mm

Download manual (PDF)

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Price for 4 hours€ 19.80

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19 accessories included

Battery charger LXT DC18RC

Trimmer guide assembly

Straight guide assembly

Grip 36 comp

Dust nozzle set

Dust nozzle set (2)

Plunge base set

Trimmer base

Tilt base

Template guide 10mm

Template guide 16mm

Collet cone 8mm

Collet cone 6mm

Wrench 22mm

Wrench 13mm

Guide holder set

Milling set

End mill

Battery BL1850B LXT 18V 5.0Ah

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Great router in great condition. Fast pick-up, and look forward to renting again soon!


4 months ago

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